My name is Lee Walton. Welcome to my online portfolio. This site is designed to showcase my work and give you an idea about what I do. Please scroll down...

What I Do

For me drawing is thinking. I like to create. For a long time I worked in the games industry, mostly with 3D modeling software, pushing verts and polygons. In 2006 I (and others) started calling myself an Art Director, and in 2012 I co-founded my own games company called No More Pie. In 2014 I returned to my lifelong passion of vehicle design. I now teach at Lahti Insitute of Design in Finland. We have a blog and so do I. Read it here.


Who I Am

So I draw, and I think. I think a lot and I talk a lot. Most of all I love to design. I'm happy designing anything. I have a keen interest in holistic design processeses, thinking about user experience and visual languages. I aim to make people feel. I aim for designs to mean something. I think I've been an artist and a designer all of my life. It feels as if I was meant to do this.


My Work

Please take a look at a selection of images showing examples of my work from 1995 to present day.

Say Hello.

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